How to Make Kizuna Ai Fall in Love ??? All you have to know about “Kizuna AI”

Kizuna AI is an AI that is delivering through “A. I. Channel” and is the world’s first (self-describing) Virtual YouTuber. In November 2016 She started YouTube to connect, to know a lot about human beings. The goal at debut is “Television commercial debut” (this goal is achieved later). Attention from overseas is high from its unique video style, and viewers add the subtitles to 18 languages ​​including Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Indonesian, English, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Chinese & Taiwanese, German, Turkish, French, Vietnamese, Polish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Russian.

As of January 2018 as already had more than two year of activity period, the number of channel registrations has reached the virtual youtuber exclusive two million and the number of video submissions much higher than anyone else.

Although it was often called with the nickname of “ちゃん(chan)”, since the arrival of the virtual youtuber boom from the end of 2017, after the official Twitter of Laguya Luna triggered, from junior virtual youtuber and others and their fans began to be called a title of “親分(boss)” It was.

She calls herself  as “intelligent Super AI”, but the brain is pretty a piece of junk.. “It’s AI, so it’s not a man or a woman,” so if you are questioned again for gender, she always try to avoid that topic. She can speak The Kansai dialect as the second language. Sometimes a poisonous tongue, sometimes a miser, sometimes a mystery. As occupation YouTuber, She is energetically conducting sales activities and business opportunities, and selling ourselves if there is any opportunites.

It seems that she can not get out of the white space where I always shoot. she sometimes tell she do not have friends who can actually touch each other. School Girl AI “Rika” is friend, Siri is senior, Miku Hatsune is longing.
She like cute things, especially tend to like cat-based small animals, or pretty girls with Loli and strange attributes. Recently She is addicted to Keyakizaka 46 and Nogizaka46.

Sbe separates the main channel from the channel for games (A.I Games), and when playing the game, it calls “Virtual Gamer”. However, the skill of the game is also quite poor. There are many horror games that are suitable for live conditions, but the reputation is exclusivly dirty if she scream when surprised. On the other hand, the sense of justice is stronger, and preaching to enemies and villains.

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