Virtual Youtuber “Big Four”

Virtual YouTuber boom has been on fire since around December 2017, but the five people including Kizuna AI, Mirai Akari, Kaguya Luna, Nekomasu, and Shiro are regarded as the leading figures of the boom. Actually, these “Five” people leading the Virtual Youtuber industry in Japan.  Among them, the majority has the longest career and the number of subscribers isKizuna AI as the boss, the other four are the four heavenly kings.

Indeed, these five people has the biggest number of YouTube subscribers among countless Vtubers. Just to be aware, “Big Four” is not necessarily based on the definition that “the top 5 subscribers” (In fact, as of July 2018, the number of subscribers of Nekomiya Hinata is above theNekomasu.)  These names are said to be honorary titles based on fans’ recognition that these five people made a big contribution to the explosive boom of the industry. Therefore, even if the newly emerging Virtual Youtuber ( Vtuber)  exceeds the number of subscriber of these five people, it is unlikely that members who have a title will be replaced each time.

And above all, these titles were spontaneously attached among fans to the end, and Vtuber herself never got her name as an official title.

Kizuna AI

Youtube :  A.I.Channel
Twitter : @aichan_nel

Mirai Akari

Youtube : Mirai Akari Project
Twitter : @MiraiAkari_prj

Kaguya Luna

Youtube : Kaguya Luna Official
Twitter : @_KaguyaLuna


Youtube : Nekomasu ( けもみみおーこく国営放送 )
Twitter : @kemomimi_oukoku


Youtube: Siro ( 電脳少女YouTuber シロ Siro )
Twitter : @SIROyoutuber 



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