What’s is VTuber ( Virtual Youtuber ) ?

( Image from Kizuna AI  official channel: https://kizunaai.com/ )

It is a designation that is used to refer to fictitious character groups that mainly perform distribution activities of videos etc. on YouTube. It is sometimes written as “VTuber”.

As can be seen from the word “virtual”, this designation is often used for distributors who have avatars such as 2D or 3D CG. Basically, “Vtuber” term come out from “YouTuber”, and since it produces and distributes movies in various genres such as original projects, game commentary, chat and so on. The contents of things considered as the same genre but it is divided into many types of “Vtuber”.

How do VTuber works?

Although the photographing format also varies widely, in many cases, using the technology such as applying the voice over avatar or motion capture. Motion capture case, it reflects the movement of the performer to some extent, delivering with voice. In most case, the performer is not disclosed. Those who take photographs in the virtual space have high compatibility with “virtual reality (VR)” and “augmented reality (AR)” and sometimes they are applied by external tools. There are also many people who are acting on another video distribution service other than Youtube.

Who is the first Vtuber?

It is told Kizuna AI is the first Virtual Youtuber. She posted “Nice to meet you, I am Kizuna AI ლ(´ڡ`ლ)” on December 1st, 2016. This is considered as the 1st VTuber posts. Since her debut, both subscriber and viewers are kept increasing.  Kizuna AI is still No1 Virtual Youtuber which has the 2M+ subscriber on Youtube Channel.



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